Nicolò Bruno was born in Milano in 1989.
During his study at Naba Nicolò founded the Artistic group: Collective F84 with some of his Bachelor classmates. The collective aimed to connect art and people, through some experiments of public arts, workshops, and cultural projects.
Since 2013 Nicolò collaborates for MilanoPride, the main LGBTAIQ movement in Milan. He is also the father of the MilanoPride logo.
Nicolò decided to move to Switzerland in 2014 where he began a Master of Art (Visual Communication and Iconic Research) at the FHNW in Basel.
In 2014 Nicolò participate to the Art in Residence for painters only “Painting Practices” at Villa Gorgo in Nogaredo al Torre, curated by Andrea Bruciati.
From 2015 Nicolò starts to collaborate for Nicoletta Fiorucci and Milovan Farronato, founders of Fiorucci Art Trust in London. He designed the images and the communication for some international exhibitions and events such:
Volcano Extravaganza 2015/2016/2017/2018 (Stromboli, ITA) Mychorial Theatre 2016 (São Paulo, BRA) The violent No! of the sun burns the forehead of hills. Sand fleas arrive from salt lake and most of the theatres close for the Istanbul Biennal 2015 (Kastellorizo, TRK) I’m here but you’ve gone 2015, (Sloan Ave, London, UK).

In 2020 Nicolò started the collaboration with Massimo Ligreggi gallery in Catania and took part in the international Art in Residence at MACC foundation in Calasetta, Italy.
Today Nicolò lives in between his art career and the activities of Graphic Designer working between the cities of Basel and Milano. His work is in the collections of Amanda Prada, Fabio Cherstich, Nicoletta Fiorucci, Stefano Boeri e Maddalena Bregani, Andrea Bruciati, Efisio Carbone, Emanuele Mocarelli, Roberto Turello and is some museums like Public Gallery of Modena, The Modern Art Museum Ugo Carà in Muggia and MACC in Calasetta.
Selected Exhibition
2020 •  Group Show - A.D.STANZA - antiche dimore storiche - at Galleria Macca, Cagliari
2020 •  Group Show - Prima della Prima at Confino - artist run space by Ruben Montini
2020 • Group Show - Corpi sul Palco, performance da casa in tempo di quarantena at Contemporary and Modern Art Museum, Rijeka, Croatia curated by Andrea Contin & Slaven Tolj  2020
2020 • Solo Show - Maestrale, galleria Massimo Ligreggi with contribution of Efisio Carbone & Ruben Montini
2020 • Group Show - Corpi sul Palco, performance da casa in tempo di quarantena at Teatro Linguaggiocreativi, Milano, curated by Andrea Contin
2020 • Art in Residence -  Fondazione MACC at Calasetta, Sardinia, curated by Efisio Carbone & Claude Corongiu
2019 • Group exhibition - FINISHED UNFINISHED SPACES, at Museo d’arte Moderna Ugo Carà, Muggia (TS), curated by Eva Comuzzi and Orietta Masin.
2018 • Group Show - 1000 EVENTI storie di galleria, at Galleria Pero, Milano.
2017 • Group Show -  Dal Caso Nasce Cosa by “Libri Finti Clandestini”, at Libreria Galleria Demetra, curated by James Bradburne and Arianna Calò.
2016 • Group exhibition - Versus, la sfida dell’artista al suo modello in un secolo di fotografia e disegno, a cura di Andrea Bruciati, Daniele De Luigi, Serena Goldoni, at Galleria Civica in Modena, Italy.
2016 • Duo show - Dall’alto verso il Basso, with Giammarco Falcone, at Galleria Pero, Milano
2015 • Solo show - Philos, at Dimora Artica curated by Andrea Lacarpia, Milano
2015 • Solo show - Baum, at BBS Vault, Prato
2015 • Group Exhibition - I riverberi del corpo, at Teatro Franco Parenti, Art director Andrée Ruth Shammah and curated by Fabio Cherstich, Milano
2015 • Group exhibition -  2000 Maniaci, at Art Verona curated by Lorenza Boisi, Verona
2014 • Group exhibition  - #PITTURA, at Galleria Giuseppe Pero, MIlano
2014 • Art in Residence - Paiting Practice, at Nogaredo al Torre by Andrea Bruciati
2014 • Group exhibition - Scriptorium, at Dimora Artica curated by Andrea Lacarpia, Milano
2014 • Group exhibition - Depot, Esperienze di pittura in Vitro, at Casa Cavazzini, modern and contemporary art museum, curated by Andrea Bruciati, Udine
2013 • Group exhibition - Studio Visit at Monfalcone contemporary art gallery of Monfalcone, curated by Eva Comuzzi e Andrea Bruciati
PUBLIC Collections

2020 • Fondazione MACC, Calasetta ITA -  Residena/Resistenza, performance and flag design, digital Artwork print on polyester, 225 x150 cm - DONATED
2019 • The Modern Art Museum Ugo Carà, Muggia, ITA - Mona lisa, oil on paper A3 - my work has been donated to the museum under the project “I BAFFI ALLA GIOCONDA 2” curated by Eva Comuzzi - DONATED
2016 • Galleria Civica di Modena, Modena, ITA - Stone in the Water, inkjet print & oil on paper, triptych, 29,7x21 cm each, ACQUIRED
Art Fairs

2020 • Artissma, in Torino, with Galleria Massimo Ligreggi
2016 • Art Verona, in Verona with Galleria Giuseppe Pero
2016 • ArteFIera, in Bologna with Galleria Giuseppe Pero
2015 • Art Verona, in Verona with Galleria Giuseppe Pero
2015 • ArteFIera, in Bologna with Galleria Giuseppe Pero
2020 • finalist of Premio Combat at Museo Civico “Giovanni Fattori”, Livorno, ITA
2015 • finalist of Premio Combat at Museo Civico “Giovanni Fattori”, Livorno, ITA
2015 • Part of 89Plus project co-curated by Simon Castets and Hans-Ulrich Obrist
2014 • finalist of Premio Combat at Museo Civico “Giovanni Fattori”, Livorno, ITA
2014 • finalist of Como Contemporary Contest at Chiesa di San Pietro in Atrio, Como ITA
2013 • finalist of Premio Celeste at PAN, Naple
2015 - current • Fiorucci Art Trust ,London, UK, Managing and curating the communication platform guidelines for Fiorucci Art Trust, developing dedicated contents for Fiorucci international art exhibitions and art projects
2016 • Vinyl Factory, London, UK, Album cover Design for Volcano Extravaganza EP, produced by DJ Danielle Baldelli.
2014 • Collaboration as Graphic Designer and founding member of MilanoPride, the main LGBT organization in Milan.I also designed the famous logo of the event.
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